IFR4000/6000 End of Manufacture


Since the early 2000’s, the IFR4000 and IFR6000 have been supporting global maintenance testing needs for multiple airborne systems. These test sets have reached the end of their life cycle paving the way for a new comprehensive all-in-one test solution, the VIAVI AVX-10K Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance Flight Line Test Set, in April of 2021.

VIAVI understand it takes time and a coordinated effort to replace equipment identified in an aircraft’s AMM or test procedures. Therefore, we want to ensure you have ample time, information, and support to make these changes. VIAVI would be happy to support redlining of existing procedures to accommodate AVX-10K operation in place of current referenced test equipment.

Product Roadmap

The following information is provided to support important dates, product roadmap details, and last time buy opportunities for the IFR4000 and IFR6000.

End of Production date

VIAVI plans to continue manufacturing and accepting orders in accordance with the planned end of production date below:

Remaining Inventory

Orders will be accepted beyond the end of production date providing there is inventory to support.

Service and Support

End of service is contingent on supporting component availability. The projected end of service is 31 December 2028, five years following end of manufacturing.

Replacement Product

The table below identifies AVX-10K equivalent configurations to current IFR4000 and IFR6000 configurations:

Related Documents

AVX-10K Letter of Equivalency Statement and request a copy of our IFR4000 and IFR6000 Detailed Spec Comparisons:


Additional information on the AVX-10K can be found on VIAVI’s website


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